Taking Charge

A roadmap for a successful career and a meaningful life for high potential corporate women leaders

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While research shows companies with more women in the top ranks outperform their industry peers, globally less than five percent of CEOs are women. It's clear we need more women in senior-level positions, but closing the gap won't be easy. As a result, we launched a piece of ICEDR Research targeted at helping rising women leaders who aspire to reach the upper ranks of global corporations. The ICEDR Special Report, Taking Charge, unlocks the secrets of those women who have defied the odds to reach senior-level positions, or who are well on their way to doing so. Drawing from interviews with more than 60 high-powered women, this ICEDR Special Report provides a roadmap for young, high-potential women who have their eyes set on reaching the highest levels of large, global corporations.

The Roadmap outlined in the ICEDR Special Report includes three ways that top women executives take charge of their work and personal lives: they EXPLORE, OWN and REPAY.





Top women executives know their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. They have developed a leadership style and a definition of success that works for them. They have ventured into a career journey full of twists and turns, and acknowledge that being a senior executive - male or female - is not for everyone. But, it is clear that they are happy with their career and life choices. In large part, this is because they have taken the time to EXPLORE who they are and what they want. Play the video.>



A key theme that arose time and again, during this ICEDR Research, was the need to step up, be proactive and make things happen. The women we interviewed share this fundamental approach: you must own your choices and actions. These successful women executives voice their opinions, build their network, and take responsibility for their career choices. They are clear about the reasons for their decisions and are not afraid to take risks. They dive into work and life with enthusiasm and believe that no matter which path you choose, you must make these two words your mantra: OWN IT. Play the video.>



While these women are talented, they also know that they have climbed the ranks with the help of others - from family and friends to colleagues, bosses, and sponsors. This support is never unappreciated and they believe that it is important to REPAY this help by passing on support and opportunities to others. Fundamentally, it matters to them to make a difference. For this reason, they are deeply invested in the success of their communities, team, customers and the next generation of women leaders. These executives think in terms of the legacy they will leave. Play the video.>




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