ICEDR Global Innovations Summit: Leading Effective Culture Change

May 19, 2014 - May 21, 2014


May 19, 2014 - May 21, 2014

London, United Kingdom
The ICEDR Global Innovations Summit is co-hosted by Barclays and the MIT Sloan School of Management. Sponsor companies may send 3 participants. Partner business schools may send 1 participant.

The Summit will feature presentations from HR leaders, senior line executives and researchers on various factors that spur culture change. The presenters have deep experience leading effective culture change and will share lessons learned and the challenges they are still wrestling with. Sessions will be highly interactive, leaving ample time for dialogue so participants will be able to discuss the strategic and cultural change initiatives their organizations are facing.

Learning Objectives

  • The Summit will feature presentations from HR leaders, senior line executives and researchers that have deep expertise and experience leading effective culture change. Sessions will be highly interactive, leaving ample time for dialogue so participants will be able to discuss the strategic and cultural change initiatives their organizations are facing.
  • Program topics will include:
  • Disruptive Innovation: Changes in the external environment – new technologies, competitors, products, customer preferences – mean that business must move to a new chapter. These shifting landscapes require culture change, new leadership styles and leadership profiles. Leaders will share how they are rethinking HR's value-add and contributions.
  • From Founder to Leader: Companies with long histories of family or founder ownership that make the transition to a new CEO face a myriad of challenges. Executives will discuss why these CEO changes took place, how the leadership culture evolved and lessons learned from the journey.
  • How Development Initiatives Drive Culture Change: HR executives will discuss how they, in partnership with line leaders, are leading culture change and integrating this into their leadership learning curricula.
  • Rediscovering Our Core: When disaster strikes—recessions, oil spills, scandals—many businesses suffer serious damage. Yet, some come out stronger than ever. Some companies not other weather the storm, but find a renewed sense of purpose. Leaders whose organizations have faced challenges will explain how they are leading the charge to rediscover their core and craft their company’s path forward.
  • A Changing Competitive Landscape: Changes in the competitive environment often lead companies to undergo major organizational transformations. This marks a new phase, requiring a new culture. Executives whose organizations have undergone such transformations will explain in detail how they have revamped their leadership development initiatives to align with and support the organizational change.

Who Should Attend

The ICEDR Global Innovations Summit is ICEDR’s most senior-level program. The Summit is intended for individuals who are, for example:
- Global head of HR, talent or leadership development
- A regional HRD head
- Head of the HRD function for a business unit
- Executive Director of Executive Education, or one move away from that role, at a business school

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Doug Ready

Founder & President, ICEDR & Senior Lecturer in Organizational Effectiveness, MIT Sloan School

Vanessa Bateson

Global Head Leadership Development Solutions, HSBC

Richard Bish

Manager, Learning Assessment Solutions, Shell

Inger Buus

Manager Learning, Senior Leadership Development, Shell

Robyn Davis-Mahoney

Senior Director, Organization Culture and Change Management, Pfizer

Ellen Dubois du Bellay

Senior Vice President, Learning & Talent Management, Four Seasons

Geraldine Haley

Facilitator/Coach/Mentor to leaders and teams

Peter Hirst

Executive Director of Executive Education, MIT Sloan School of Management

Fred Kohler

Global Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Roche

Francis Lake

Head of Executive and Leadership Development and Talent, Lloyds

Leonard Lane

Managing Director, Fung Academy & Group Director, Leadership Development Fung 1937

Nandani Lynton

Director Leadership Development, A.P. Moller-Maersk

Ellen Peebles

Senior Fellow, ICEDR

Helene Poussin

Vice President Organization and Leadership Development, Lafarge

Tara Swart

CEO, The Unlimited Mind

Mike Thompson

Head of Early Careers, Barclays

Alison Young

Change Leadership, Digital Transformation, and Organisational Development

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Making Change Stick: The Impact of Neuroscience

Tara Swart discusses the impact of neuroscience while implementing change initiatives.


Enterprise Leadership 2.0

Doug Ready discusses the next stage in enterprise leadership research.


Culture and Values at Barclays

Cindy Mahoney and Mike Thompson present on Barclays culture and values.


The Standard Chartered Bank Story on Making Change Stick and Breaking Conventional Wisdom

Geraldine Haley presents Standard Chartered Bank's story on making change stick and breaking conventional wisdom.


Roche: Tales of (E)merging Cultures

Fred Kohler presents on Roche's acquisition of Genentech and the merging of the two different corporate cultures.


Lloyds Banking Group: Leading with Purpose: Rediscovering our Core

Francis Lake presents on Lloyds Banking Group's journey to lead with purpose and rediscover their core.


Pearson: Leading Effective Culture Change

Alison Young discusses how disruptive innovation led Pearson to undergo a culture change.


Female Leadership 2.0

Lauren Ready discusses next generation research options.


Maersk Group: From Founder to Leader - A New CEO

Nandani Lynton presents on A.P. Moller-Maersk's cultural change journey as they moved from a founder to a new CEO.


Barclays Culture & Values

Mike Thompson discusses Barclays culture & values


Lafarge: How Development Initiatives Drive Culture Change

Helene Poussin discusses how leadership development initiatives drive culture change at Lafarge.


Final Participation List

This is the final participant list for the 2014 ICEDR Annual Summit in London.


A Changing Competitive Landscape

Inger Buus and Richard Bish from Shell discuss A Changing Competitive Landscape during ICEDR's Annual Summit 2014.