Strategic Talent Management: The Hallmarks of a Game-Changing Talent Strategy

Apr 08, 2014


Apr 08, 2014

Sydney, Australia
This program is hosted by AGSM Executive Education. Sponsor companies may send 4 participants. Partner business schools may send 1 participant.

So just what does make a company’s talent strategy a game-changer? Game-changing talent strategies are not about silver bullets, killer apps, or a guru’s catchy phrase. In our decades of experience, as both researchers and advisors, we believe that there are certain things that do, indeed, set these companies’ talent strategies apart. First, ICEDR research shows that game-changing companies demonstrate these essential attributes: they are purpose-driven; performance-oriented; and principles-led. And they all have a thread that weaves them even more tightly together: they have superior talent strategies. Game changing talent strategies balance four inherent tensions: They support both strategic and operational superiority; they are globally scaled yet locally relevant; they foster a collective culture yet enable high potentials to thrive as individuals; and their policies endure yet are agile and open to revitalization.

This ICEDR Program will be designed as a forum for dialogue and intensive discussion. This will be a peer exchange, enabling you to discuss what you are working on in the area of building a game-changing talent strategy at your organization. We will engage in a dialogue about what innovative things are happening right now in companies.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the attributes of game-changing companies
  • Learn about the four inherent tensions that superior talent strategies balance
  • Learn about the talent strategies at other world-class companies

Who Should Attend

This ICEDR program is intended for individuals who are, for example:
- A Regional HR head or one or two moves away from the top HR job in their region
- Head of the HR function for a business unit
- Global HR Directors, responsible for a component of the corporate HR operation worldwide
- At a career midpoint, with about 10 years of experience in HR

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Doug Ready

Founder & President, ICEDR & Senior Lecturer in Organizational Effectiveness, MIT Sloan School

Nick Avery

Managing Director at Lyric Human Capital & Senior Fellow, ICEDR

Julie Cogin

Associate Professor, Deputy Dean for Engagement and Academic Development, AGSM

Dani Fraillon

Partner, Leadership Consulting, Heidrick & Struggles

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The Hallmarks of a Game-Changing Talent Strategy

Doug Ready discusses The Hallmarks of a Game-Changing Talent Strategy during this Sydney program.


Talent Management in Action

Julie Cogin discusses talent management in action during this Sydney program.


Strategic Talent Mobility

Presentation on Strategic Talent Mobility by Dani Fraillon, Partner, Leadership Consulting, Heidrick & Struggles


Participant List

Participant list for April 8 program