Developing Next Generation Women Leaders

Oct 15, 2014


Oct 15, 2014

Paris, France
Sponsor companies may send 4 participants. Partner business schools may send 1 participant.

Companies are facing a collision of two ‘megatrends’ that will impact the future of their business:

First, Millennials, also called Generation Y, (those born between about 1980 and 2000) are a generation so large that companies can’t afford to ignore them: There are more Millennials than baby boomers and three times as many Gen Yers as Gen Xers. Millennials, who currently range in age from 14-34, already make up the majority of the workforce at some firms. And, researchers project that by 2025, roughly 75% of the global workforce at companies around the world will be made up of Millennial talent. This is a generation that companies must pay attention to.

Second, companies face a “leaky” pipeline of women leaders. Research shows that companies with more women in the top ranks outperform their industry peers, but globally less than 5 percent of CEOs are women. It’s clear that companies need to find innovative ways to address the female pipeline problem.

Putting these two ‘megatrends’ together, a burning question emerges: How can companies around the world cultivate a strong cadre of millennial women leaders?

This ICEDR program will feature the latest research and company practices focused on next generation female leaders. Senior executives from PwC will present their research on female millennial talent and will discuss key themes integral to attracting, developing, engaging, advancing and retaining the female millennial. The program will also include essential lessons from ICEDR’s current research on early career women. In addition, senior executives from leading companies will provide deep dive case examples of their latest company practices focused on next generation women. The program will be a forum for idea exchange and discussion and will include ample opportunity for networking and for sharing participant stories of current challenges and initiatives related to next generation women leaders.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine how to attract, develop, engage, advance and retain Millennial women leaders
  • Understand the key attributes of Millennial women leaders - discover how they think and what they value at work
  • Learn about the talent management practices related to Millennial women leaders taking place at other global companies

Who Should Attend

Sponsor companies may send 4 participants. Partner business schools may send 1 participant.
This ICEDR program is intended for individuals who are, for example:
- A Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion or on the Diversity & Inclusion team
- A Regional HR head or one or two moves away from the top HR job in their region
- Head of the HR function for a business unit
- Global HR Directors, responsible for a component of the corporate HR operation worldwide

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Aoife Flood

Senior Manager, Global D&I Programme Office, PwC International

Agnes Hussherr

Globl D&I Leader, PwC International Ltd.

Jennell Jones

Senior Director, Executive and High Potential Development, Pfizer

Uxio Malvido

VP Diversity & Inclusion and Employer Branding, Lafarge

Lauren Noël

Managing Director, QUEST

Anne Thevenet-Abitbol

Prospective and New Concepts Director, Danone

Martine Van Den Poel

Coaching Practice Director and Executive Coach, INSEAD Global Leadership Centre

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9:15-9:45 Coffee and Registration

9:45-10:00 Welcome and ICEDR Research on NextGen Female Talent - Overview
Lauren Noel, Director of Talent Management Initiatives and Marketing, ICEDR

10:00-10:30 Developing Next Generation Female Talent at Lafarge
Uxio Malvido, VP Diversity & Inclusion and Employer Branding, Lafarge

10:30-11:00 PwC's Global Diversity Strategy
Agnes Hussherr, Global D&I Leader, PwC International Ltd.

11:00-11:15 Break

11:15-11:45 PwC Global Research: Developing Tomorrow's Female Leaders
Aoife Flood, Senior Manager Global D&I Programme Office, PwC International Ltd.

11:45-12:15 Breakout Sessions: Developing Tomorrow's Female Leaders

12:15-1:15 Lunch

1:15-1:55 Deep Dive Company Example: Danone
Anne Thevenet-Abitbol, Prospective and New Concepts Director, Danone

1:55-2:35 Facilitated Discussion on NextGen Female Talent
Martine Van Den Poel, Coaching Practice Director and Executive Coach, INSEAD Global Leadership Centre

2:35-3:15 Deep Dive Company Example: Pfizer
Jennell Jones, Senior Director of Colleague Capability and High Potential Strategy, Pfizer

3:15-3:30 Closing Dialogue and Action Steps

3:30 Adjourn

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Travel Information
The Program will take place at Châteauform City Monceau Rio, a conference facility in Paris. The program will run from 9:45 to 15:30 on October 15, 2014. Please plan to arrive no later than 9:15 to pick up your materials and to enjoy coffee and pastries.

Châteauform' City Monceau Rio 4 place Rio de Janeiro 75008 Paris
The facility is located in the heart of Paris (Monceau Park) and easily accessible by metro (Parc Monceau Metro Line 2). Other nearby stations are Villiers and Miromesnil. It is about 35 minutes from Roissy CDG Airport or 30 minutes from Orly Airport.

Nearby Hotels: Download travel document below to see complete hotel list
Best Western Champs Elysées Friedland ****
177, rue du Fbg St Honoré Paris 8ème
01 45 63 64 65
Starting Room Rate: 211 €

Best Western Champs Etoile St Honoré ****
214, rue du Fbg St Honoré Paris 8ème
01 42 25 26 27
Starting Room Rate: 211 €

Hôtel Arioso ****
7, rue Argenson Paris 8ème
01 53 05 95 00
Starting Room Rate: 170 €

Dress and Meals
Comfortable, casual clothing is recommended for the program. Coffee and pastries and a lunch buffet will be served during the program. Please inform us in advance if you have any special dietary needs.

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ICEDR - The Global HR Talent Academy

These slides provide some background information on ICEDR.


Developing High Potential Women at Pfizer

This is a presentation on how Pfizer develops high potential women.


Next Generation Diversity at PwC: Developing Tomorrow's Female Leaders

Aoife Flood from PwC presents on PwC's global survey findings on female millennial talent.


PwC Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Agnes Hussherr presents on PwC's global diversity and inclusion strategy.


ICEDR Global Survey Results: Female Millennial Talent

These are the findings of ICEDR's global survey on female millennial talent. ICEDR surveyed 164 HR leaders around the world about their key challenges related to female millennial talent.


Participant List - Developing Next Generation Female Leaders

This is the final participant list for ICEDR's October 2014 Paris event on Developing Next Generation Female Leaders.