QUEST Early Career Women's Program - Boston


May 2018

Boston, USA
ICEDR partner companies may send 4 emerging women leaders. The target audience for this program is women in the first decade of their careers in line roles. ICEDR partner business schools may send 1 participant.

For women in the first decade of their careers, we offer a one-day program to give early career women the skillsets and mindsets to grow their careers. QUEST research on early career women identifies five factors that rising women stars value. Thus, the program is structured along 5 modules:

Know Me: Invest the time to know me as a person, including my passions, interests, and needs both in and out of work.
Challenge Me: I need to grow and continue my learning through new challenges and see multiple paths to advancement.
Connect Me: I want to interact, collaborate, and build relationships with a dynamic network of peers, leaders, mentors, coaches, and sponsors.
Inspire Me: I want purpose from my workplace from which I derive a sense of meaning.
Unleash Me: I want to lead initiatives, have my voice heard, and use my entrepreneurial flair.

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