HR’s Journey to the C-Suite – Becoming an Enterprise Leader


Apr 2018

Sydney, Australia
The HR’s Journey to the C-Suite – Becoming an Enterprise Leader Program.
Partner companies may send 4 participants. Partner business schools may send 1 participant.

We live in a world that is in a permanent state of uncertainty and turbulence. Business leadership success is founded on having the right asset, product, financial and human capital strategy. The Board and CEO look to the top HR team to provide expertise, leadership and guidance on how best to position and re-position the human capital strategy, in order to cope with these ever-changing economic, technological and political circumstances. For those in HR who aspire to be a part of their organizations’ leadership team, learning how to adapt and thrive in this environment is essential for success. Whether you are a senior specialist or HR generalist, understanding and acquiring the skillsets and mindset of an enterprise leader are essential in order to be effective at the highest organization level. This program explores what it takes to progress to an enterprise leadership role and to have a real voice in both the C-Suite and the Boardroom.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants in this program will:
  • Develop a clear understanding of what it takes for HR to be valued in the C-suite
  • Describe the elements of an effective Human Capital Strategy
  • Examine their company’s strategy to identify strengths & opportunity areas
  • Identify critical partnerships at the enterprise level
  • Explore the core focus areas of the HR Leadership agenda, including
    -Leading Organization Change
    -Stewarding Company’s Culture
    -Business Leader & owner of the Human Capital Agenda
    -Employment Brand Builder
    -HR Business Solutions Provider
  • Discuss the HR Key strengths and how to leverage the various HR skill sets

Who Should Attend

This program would be especially beneficial to senior HR practitioners who are currently part of, or who aspire to be part of, their company’s leadership team. It is ideally suited for senior HR Business Partners, Learning, Development, Talent, Strategic Staffing and Employee Rewards specialists, who are one or two levels from the most senior HR role in their respective organization.

ICEDR partner companies may send 4 participants. ICEDR academic partners may send 1 participant.




Mykel Ziolo

Senior Fellow, ICEDR

Doug Ready

Founder & President, ICEDR
Senior Lecturer in Organizational Effectiveness, MIT Sloan School






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