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ICEDR programs provide developmental opportunities for your HR professionals globally including an annual ICEDR Global Summit for senior HR executives and Emerging Talent Leaders Programs taught by top business school faculty and senior executives for high potential HR leaders and topical seminars.

Reimagining Work, the Workplace, and Careers

This program will be held at London Business School on November 6, 2019.

This program is for women in the first decade of their careers. This program is also for line and HR executives who are interested in the future of work, leadership, and careers. ICEDR partner companies may send 8 participants. ICEDR academic partners may send 1 colleague.

This program will explore how the changing nature of competition, work, and society is influencing the future of leadership. Todayís trailblazing leaders are charting a new course and are reimagining what leadership should look like, feel like, and be like in this new and incredibly exciting world of work. But many companies are still struggling with how to transform their organizations to adapt to a changing work force. Our work at QUEST and ICEDR is particularly interested in making sure that career opportunities for early career stage female talent are robust and at least equal to the many exciting opportunities that are taking place in workplace redesign. As such, the program will also explore how this new leadership playbook specifically applies to early career women.

But it is not only the organizationís role to create exciting career opportunities. It is up to you, the emerging female leader, as well. To help with this, this interactive, leader-led program will feature stories from senior women executives at leading companies about how they have mastered relationships, taken risks, and raised their hands to lead the charge to help create work environments that are flexible enough to support the unique challenges of leading while female.

Nov 06, 2019
London, United Kingdom

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