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ICEDR programs provide developmental opportunities for your HR professionals globally including an annual ICEDR Global Summit for senior HR executives and Emerging Talent Leaders Programs taught by top business school faculty and senior executives for high potential HR leaders and topical seminars.

QUEST Early Career Women's Program - London

The QUEST Early Career Women's Program is hosted by Baker McKenzie.

ICEDR partner companies may send 4 emerging women leaders. The target audience for this program is women in the first decade of their careers in line roles. ICEDR partner business schools may send 1 participant.

For high-potential women in the first decade of their careers, QUEST offers a one-day program to give early career women the skillsets and mindsets to grow their careers. The program will feature tactical sessions on the essential skills emerging women leaders must cultivate. In addition, we will explore the mindsets of high-powered women through dialogue, stories from women executives, and interactive exercises.

Oct 17, 2018
London, United Kingddom

Developing Leaders in the Age of Disruption

This ICEDR Seminar will be held at London Business School.

This ICEDR Seminar is for the HR Leaders in your organization. ICEDR partner companies may send 3 HR Leaders. ICEDR academic partners may send 1 colleague.

Join other HR leaders to discus the leadership that will be needed to help organizations thrive in the new world of work. You will hear recent work one the topic from London Business School's Julian Birkinshaw and ICEDR's President Doug Ready.

Oct 18, 2018
London, United Kingddom

Please Note - All events have limited enrollments and are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Please register early to ensure that your organization receives the maximum benefit of these events.