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ICEDR Webinar: The Rise of the Chief Wellbeing Officer: A Call for Organizational Health

This ICEDR Webinar will take place on April 30, 2019 and will last 1 hour. Here are the times in select cities:

New York: 10:00
London: 15:00
Paris: 16:00

This webinar will explore how contextual forces such as accelerated change in the digital age are impacting well-being at work. Emerging changes in the nature of work present new challenges and stressors, having implications for how people learn and perform. The resulting stressors have consequences that come at a huge expense to individuals and the organizations in which they work. Harnessing the benefits of innovation in the digital age require employees to learn new competencies around health and wellbeing. A growing number of companies are recognizing this need and appointing specific roles such as Chief Wellbeing Officers charged with well-being of their workforce. We will delve into evidence-based strategies for wellbeing and highlight examples of such initiatives in various companies such as our case in point: Vitality at Nationale Nederlanden (NN).

Apr 30, 2019
Nick van Dam, Noémie Le Pertel, and Johanna Dekker will lead this webinar

ICEDR Webinar: Design Thinking - Challenges and Best Practices

This ICEDR Webinar will take place on September 18, 2019 and will last 30 minutes.

Here are the times in select cities:
New York: 11:00
London: 16:00
Paris: 17:00

Drawing inspiration from designers and artists, design thinking can be a great tool for companies looking to connect with customers and innovate quickly. In this session we will see some of the common challenges and best practices in applying design thinking, based on a recent study conducted by IESE and Oliver Wyman.

Sep 18, 2019
Josemaria Siota, the Director of Research at IESE Business School, will lead this QUEST Virtual Campus session.

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