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Inspiring and practical ideas demand 24/7 access. ICEDR webinars are designed to meet the demands of today's high-performing HR executives. Build critical HR skills through ICEDR webinars wherever you are in the world and incorporate content from proven thought leaders, professors, and senior executives.

ICEDR Webinar: Perfecting Your No Guilt "No"

This ICEDR Webinar will take place on December 5, 2018 and will last 30 minutes.

Here are the times in key cities:

San Francisco: 9:00
New York: 12:00
London: 17:00

Driven and ambitious women are feeling increasingly overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out, and it’s not sustainable. Lisa Abramson will share tips and strategies that you can start using immediately to build a successful career and life without sacrificing your wellbeing along the way. You'll learn a powerful "saying no" framework and get a "cheat sheet" to make saying no less stressful in the future. After this session, you'll be able to confidently deliver a firm and appropriate no without the side of guilt. Yes to that!

Dec 05, 2018
Lisa Abramson, Founder, Wise Mama and Co-Founder, Mindfulness Based Achievement, will lead this ICEDR Webinar.

ICEDR Webinar: How to Create a Growth Mindset Culture

This ICEDR Webinar will take place on January 30, 2019 and will last one hour.

Here are times in key cities:

New York: 11:00
London: 16:00
Paris: 17:00

Growth mindset, the belief that skills can be improved over time, isn’t just a win for individuals. It can also uplift entire organizations. Join Mary Slaughter, EVP of Global Practices and Consulting, NeuroLeadership Institute, to explore the research and theory behind organizational growth mindset, and learn how leaders can develop their very own growth mindset culture. Mary will present research showing how organizations who encourage their people to use a growth mindset are more likely to have greater engagement, better teamwork, and faster adaptation in the face of change.

Jan 30, 2019
Mary Slaughter, Executive Vice President of Global Practices and Consulting, NeuroLeadership Institute, will lead this ICEDR Webinar.

ICEDR Webinar: How Women Leaders Build Careers They Thrive In

This ICEDR Webinar will take place on March 7, 2019 and will last 30 minutes.

Women understand that building a career and life they thrive in is no small feat. Instead, they find they are navigating a labyrinth of obstacles, twists, turns, and often dead ends. They desire to learn from the stories of triumph, defeat, and resilience of those who have gone before them as they chart their own paths. Research from ICEDR and QUEST identifies how high-powered women leaders take action to build successful careers and meaningful lives. This ICEDR webinar will provide a roadmap for women for how they can build careers they thrive in.

Mar 07, 2019
Christie Hunter Arscott and Lauren Noel, Managing Directors, QUEST, will lead this ICEDR Webinar.

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