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The Art and Science of Enterprise Resilience

By: Fia Iannuzzelli and Peter Claude from PwC
In this session, Fia Iannuzzelli and Peter Claude discuss not only what enterprise resilience is and why it is important. But they also discuss where HR comes into play and what you can do in your organization .

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Connecting Talent with Opportunity in the Digital Age

By: Susan Lund, McKinsey
In this session, Susan Lund discusses the importance of connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age.

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Unconscious Bias

By: Dan Robertson, enei
In this session, Dan Robertson discusses the importance of recognizing Unconscious Bias in organizations.

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Managing a multi-generational workforce

By: Tania Lennon
In this session, Tania Lennon discusses her research findings from her work on managing multi-generational workforces.

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RBC’s Collective Ambition Journey

By: Zabeen Hirji, RBC
Zabeen Hirji of RBC discusses how a successful transformation needs to have the CEO and top team driving involvement and engagement at all levels. In addition, a successful transformation will have ownership at all levels of the organization.

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Driving Organizational Transformation at Aon

By: Jeremy Farmer & Aaron Olson
Figuring out how to enable a group of leaders who are passionate, part of the change, and very empowered to help us reinvent and drive a more united Aon.

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