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Business Acumen

HR needs to deliver functional excellence in a way that helps your line managers run their units more effectively. And HR needs to learn how to help run, grow, and change the enterprise as the occasion arises. You don't need to excel in all of these capabilities yourself, but you need to have an HR team that can deliver.

Change Management

A company's top team is responsible for leading transformational change. Yet the gap between inspiration and implementation is a common one. Understand the common pitfalls behind transformation efforts and discover an effective ICEDR change model to help turn your company's bold visions into operating reality.

Enterprise Leaders

Companies often focus on creating strong leaders of units and business functions, but they do not pay as much attention to developing leaders who see the enterprise as a whole. Discover how you can develop leaders who are able to systematically think across silos and understand how to put into place practices that support this rare breed of leader.

Gender, Diversity, & Generations

The millennial generation will account for 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. Cultures, organizational processes, and how work gets done will be created by and for millennials. What's more, organizational attention is focused on creating a pipeline of female talent. Learn about research and practices that cut across the divides of gender and generations.

High Growth Market Talent

In the past few years, the global balance of economic power has been shifting to developing countries. As this trend continues, it will have an increasing impact on where prospects for strategic growth exist for companies. Learn how to attract, develop, engage, and retain talent in emerging markets.

High Potential Talent

The challenge for today's executives is how to attract, engage, advance, and retain the people who have the highest potential. ICEDR has done extensive work with global companies into the key attributes of high potential talent, what attracts high potentials to your organization, and how to develop them.

HR Processes

World-class HR executives must excel at certain skills, including how to source, attract, develop, coach, engage, advance, and retain top talent. How do your capabilities measure up? Learn about the latest organizational policies, practices and research that will help you lead in your role.


In today's increasingly global, knowledge-intensive and dynamic economy, to be a world-class company your organization needs to be capable of sustained innovation. But even seasoned executives have little understanding of what actually happens during the innovation process. Learn what it takes to build an environment conducive to sustained innovation.

Organizational Strategy

The world is volatile, complex, and ever-changing. Tackling the unknowns requires a new take on talent management. Discover how to build a deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase your company’s effectiveness in an environment of unpredictability.

Purpose, Performance, and Principles

Purpose resonates powerfully with executives. But purpose can’t carry a company without superior execution and a guiding set of leadership principles. Examine research into purpose, performance, and principles, and learn about companies that have successfully traversed all three dimensions.