HR Processes

HR Processes

World-class HR executives must excel at certain skills, including how to source, attract, develop, coach, engage, advance, and retain top talent. How do your capabilities measure up? Learn about the latest organizational policies, practices and research that will help you lead in your role.

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Winning Coaching Practices

In this session, Clive Mann from Ridler & Co discusses winning coaching practices from the most recent Ridler Report on business coaching.


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Transforming the Traditional Performance Review Process

This white paper examines why traditional performance management systems are not effective and why employers are increasingly rethinking their approach to performance management; Studies the neuroscience behind why the traditional approach to performance management is universally disliked among managers and employees; Reviews the processes employers are using to replace the traditional performance appraisal and the positive outcomes they have realized, and; Spotlights a few organizations that have tossed out their annual review processes.

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Ericsson Presentation: Creating a community of learners & a powerhouse of insights

Heraldo Sales-Cavalcante discusses Creating a community of learners & a powerhouse of insights at ICEDR's Global Innovations Summit, 2015.

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Making Sense of Assessments in the Workplace

In this UNC Executive Development white paper, Making Sense of Assessments in the Workplace, Tony Laffoley, a Program Director at UNC Executive Development writes that good assessments can help HR and talent management professionals place the right people in the right roles, lower turnover, and increase employee loyalty. With as many as 60 percent of employees undergoing workplace assessments a year, they can be a powerful tool in an HR professionalís arsenal, but there are important caveats to consider.
This UNC Executive Development white paper:
- Discusses why employers use assessment tools;
- Offers important caveats in the use of assessment tools;
- Explores the types of assessments available to employers and what they measure;
- Explores personality assessments, in particular, and provides an overview of some of the more popular assessments (like the Myers-Briggs) available in the marketplace, and;
- Provides tips to HR and talent management professionals on how to correctly use assessments in the workplace.

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