Purpose, Performance, and Principles

Purpose, Performance, and Principles

Purpose resonates powerfully with executives. But purpose can’t carry a company without superior execution and a guiding set of leadership principles. Examine research into purpose, performance, and principles, and learn about companies that have successfully traversed all three dimensions.

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Centered Leadership- Leading with Purpose, Clarity and Impact

McKinsey's Master Expert Johanne Lavoie shares insights from her recent book “Centered Leadership: Leading with Purpose, Clarity and Impact” co-authored with Director Emeritus and best-selling author Joanna Barsh. Through stories and reflective exercises using yourself as a laboratory, this is an opportunity to taste some of the practices of Centered Leadership, grow self-awareness, and reflect on the challenge of leadership.


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Purpose Driven Leadership

Jules Goddard, Fellow, London Business School and Adam Grant, Managing Director of Danone Dairy discuss Purpose Driven Leadership during ICEDR's November 2015 session on Building Game Changing Organizations.

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Ericsson Presentation: Creating a community of learners & a powerhouse of insights

Heraldo Sales-Cavalcante discusses Creating a community of learners & a powerhouse of insights at ICEDR's Global Innovations Summit, 2015.

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Return on Integrity (ROI): How Acting with Integrity Improves Business Results

Lack of integrity is behind almost every corporate scandal. This UNC Executive Development white paper discusses what integrity means, examines some causes of ethical breakdowns in an organization, examines why organizations with high levels of integrity outperform their peers with lower levels of integrity, and offers suggestions about how HR and talent management professionals can reinforce their organization’s integrity levels.

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Taking Action

Part 3 - Taking Action - Purpose, Performance and Principles

ICEDR President Doug Ready has developed a research based tool called the Collective Ambition Compass that helps companies articulate seven elements: purpose, vision, tangible targets for the vision, strategic & operational priorities, brand promise, values and leader behaviors in a cohesive way. Complete this Collective Ambition worksheet for your organization.