Organizational Strategy

Organizational Strategy

The world is volatile, complex, and ever-changing. Tackling the unknowns requires a new take on talent management. Discover how to build a deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase your company’s effectiveness in an environment of unpredictability.

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Leading in Complex Global Organizations

Jay Galbraith presents on leading in complex global organizations using his Star Model. Jay discusses where HR can make important contributions.


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The Hallmarks of a Game-Changing Talent Strategy

Doug Ready discusses the hallmarks of a game-changing talent strategy during this November 2016 session on Building Game Changing Organizations.

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Ericsson Presentation: Creating a community of learners & a powerhouse of insights

Heraldo Sales-Cavalcante discusses Creating a community of learners & a powerhouse of insights at ICEDR's Global Innovations Summit, 2015.

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Preparing Leaders to Succeed in a Global World

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly “going global,” and the number of startups that are global from day one is on the rise. To remain competitive in this global business world, HR and talent management professionals must ensure that leaders at all levels of their organizations are globally competent—even those whose positions may never take them out of their home countries. The good news is that leaders can become globally competent through a combination of globally focused development and international experiences.
In the latest white paper, Horace McCormick:
• Discusses what “global competence” is and why developing globally competent leaders is so important;
• Examines critical global competencies identified in the 2015 UNC/HCI study on global competencies and by other sources;
• Examines why global leadership development initiatives and international assignments often fail;
• Discusses HR and talent management professionals’ roles in developing globally competent leaders, and;
• Offers steps HR and talent management professionals can take to develop global leaders and to develop a global mindset in their organizations.

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